EID Mubarak from thowby

thowby ثـوبـي

Posted on May 02 2022

EID Mubarak from thowby



A month of fasting, feasting and festivity. A month of hope – ‘amal.’ All through April - the Holy Month of Ramadan - the spirit of optimism was kept alive through community and togetherness. As families and friends gathered to pray and heal, a touch of normalcy returned to life after two years of the pandemic stalling celebrations. 2022 is the year of new beginnings.  

On that positive note, we are here, celebrating the ultimate day of oneness where devotion, charity and warmth culminate at the end of the Holy Month. Eid al-Fitr is always a special occasion, all the more this time as we mix and mingle with our loved ones without constraints binding us.  

There’s going to be food, fun and laughter – but the joy of Eid is never complete without the appeal of dressing up in fineries. We at thowby had a lovely time customizing and packing your EID abayas knowing full well that you will look your best, feel comfortable and confident, and more than anything, it gives us immense pleasure to be part of your joy and celebration. 

Designs that made EID Collection special 

Capturing the pulse of diversity that symbolizes Eid, the Al Amal collection offered a range of stylish designs to choose from. Abayas with eye-catching details like button collars and butterfly sleeves and jalabiyas with classy embellishments – our variety were curated to suit personal tastes that walk in step with eternal grace and femininity. Each piece was customized and tailored to drape perfectly over your form, ensuring that when you stride into a room, all heads turn toward you.   

An attractive colour palette 

Let colours do the talking! thowby has displayed the choicest of abayas dyed in rich shades to equal your lavish Eid revelries this year. From vivid emerald green to a flaming red to a sober beige, our elemental palette is rooted in the colours of nature. The mood for something more traditional, yet fashionable, allows it to be matched up with the more classic blacks and whites that never go out of vogue.    

A complete ensemble 

thowby brought to you the full package, literally. As our valued clientele will know, every abaya (as well as jalabiya) is accompanied by a coordinated Shayla that comes pre-included in each order. The Al Amal collection, along with the customary shaylas, also offered a variety of matching under abaya dresses to complete your traditional ensemble head-to-toe. 

As you ring in the festivities with fashion and radiate your inner energy of confidence, this Eid, we wish you joy and peace as you make a statement of pure finesse with thowby. 

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