5 Most Asked Questions On Abayas - Answered By thowby

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Posted on November 29 2021

5 Most Asked Questions On Abayas - Answered By thowby



What's the difference between Niqab, Hijab, Burqa and Abaya?

A Niqab is a veil covering the head and the face but not the eyes.

A Hijab is a headscarf that covers the hair and neck but not the face.

A Burka is a veil that covers the entire body and face, there is a mesh frame around the eyes for the wearer to see

An Abaya is a modest wear which is worn over an under dress; it's a loose garment that also serves as a jacket or overall. 

How will I know what's my abaya size?

Please refer to the below illustration to understand the science behind sizing

Abaya size chart thowby


Abaya brands usually create their own abaya size chart which determines the standard sizes for Abayas across body types. However, at thowby we take special care to customise each Abaya to the perfect size requirements of the client.


How do I choose an Abaya as per the climatic conditions? 

Abayas are made with special care to meet the modest needs of the client and provide absolute comfort. At thowby, we make modest abayas in various abaya styles and mention the type of fabric in the product details. Our fabrics consist of light, medium, and heavyweight, such as Nada, Jacquard, Linen, Silk, Denim, Viscose, Rayon, Crepe, Brocade, Crepe, with high-quality breathable fabric. For winters we use warm high quality tweed material. We also categorize them into sections that help you navigate through the seasonal abayas in various collections. As for now, you'd like our exclusive winter collection for the winter days.


Is ordering abaya online wise?

The fear of the unknown is understandable but with thowby, you'll never have any complaints. We take extra care at every level to ensure our clients have a wonderful experience when they buy abaya online from us. We personally follow up with each client from the time of placing an order to the time it is delivered.

We have easy return policy in place, you'd just have to fill up the return form on the website, we offer free shipping worldwide via our courier partner DHL, and you can read the google reviews from our clients and see how their experience has been.


Can any woman wear Abaya or is it reserved for women of a particular faith?

Yes! Any woman can wear an Abaya. It is the most modern and elegant piece of clothing. Any woman who identifies with this kind of style can wear an Abaya and feel comfortable and stylish all at once.Yes, it is traditionally worn by women of the Islamic faith but Abaya and its versatility has made it a global success amongst all women.

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