UAE Times shares the thowby story

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Posted on May 07 2022

UAE Times shares the thowby story



At thowby, we’re all about impact – whether it relates to carving a new route of fashion where modernity and modesty co-exist or helping women everywhere acknowledge and celebrate their individuality. With each new step our business takes each day, we get closer to realizing our dream of creating a wider impact that touches the lives of more and more women. 


A recent achievement that corresponds to this growth was our feature in the UAE Times. The story of what drove thowby founder Houda Abdulrahman to set up her own abaya business in 2017 and see it through the difficult pandemic reached a vast Gulf audience with this recent broadcast. 


Talking about the origin values at the core of thowby, Abdulrahman told the paper, “Our showcase of classic abayas reflects the city’s unique mingling of traditional customs and modern trends. We pride ourselves in offering creatively designed abayas that represent an artistic fusion of traditional and contemporary apparel.” 


thowby prides itself on preserving the class and beauty rooted in the Gulf’s cultural heritage through elegant abayas that are symbolic of those values. We strive to tailor this quality into every stitch of every abaya, across social functions - be it weddings or formal events. 


Perseverance is the virtue that motivates our mission from day one. “I have always wanted to accomplish running a business of my own,” Abdulrahman told UAE Times. So when opportunity knocked at her door, she left behind a plush corporate job to take an independent route, ready to take on challenges as they came. 


The biggest one, since the inception of the business, was the coronavirus pandemic that near-about brought many of the world’s industries to a standstill 2020 onwards. But, as Abdulrahman notes, “challenges never end when you are running a business. The most important thing is that you always learn from what happens with you.” And so we persevered! 


What kept our business inspired and active was our oath of commitment to high-quality service to our valued clientele. thowby is known as much for its fashion-forward vision as it is for its five-star client care. From the time a client places an order with us to the moment they are satisfied with the customized product – thowby doesn’t leave their side. 


“I created a system to constantly be in touch with the client as soon as they place the order, keeping them updated on the progress until they receive their abayas. We follow this with a courtesy follow-up to seek feedback,” Abdulrahman said. This explains why clients keep coming back to us! 


As we relish the love you shower on us, we continue holding on to our essential promise of serving each client with one eye on empowerment and the other on style, to make your experience with fashion the best ever. 


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