The Perfect Modest Gift For Your Loved One From thowby

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Posted on December 19 2021

The Perfect Modest Gift For Your Loved One From thowby



When the heart grows fond, it speaks a language; many call it the expression of love. Some abide by the chimes of the seasons to express their love while others find every moment reason enough to gift their loved one. A gift is a token of love and it has to be the best. Gifting is universal but gifts are so personal; every receiver has a unique personality and the gift must serve the best purpose. So if you’re here hopping tabs to figure out what to gift your loved one who is a modest fashion enthusiast, you’ve clicked on the right page. You could be gifting your mom, your sister, your better half or your favorite aunt, we have an abaya for every woman’s liking. You might wonder why does an abaya become the perfect gift?  Give us reasons why not! Abayas are versatile, modest, perfect fashion statements and a gift that will bring a smile on their face. Who doesn’t like an addition to their wardrobe! 

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What’s so special about thowby abayas?

Abayas made at thowby qualify through all quality markers. When you gift your loved one a thowby abaya, you’ll gift them an experience. The comfort, the quality, the perfection of custom sizing and the global design standards will exceed their expectations. However, you must take the word of another customer to review genuine feedback that will help you in your decision. You can read the reviews here - Google Reviews 


Though abayas are a clear representation of modest fashion just by the category, there is so much more to it. Every woman has a personal liking and preference. Their personality speaks for their choices. thowby respects individuality and understands fashion psychology through thorough market research. You will not be disappointed, the variety is wide and the designs are top notch. If you like dresses with a flare, nice flow, french cut, fancy sleeves, princess cut, butterfly sleeves, and elegant, modest, beautiful abayas, you’ll love thowby.

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Here are some other gift options at thowby:


Under Abaya Dress

under abaya dress thowby

Under Abaya dress is an accessory that will make a great combo gift with the abaya. If you want to gift a full set, this combination will truly make your loved one very happy. We have a collection of under abaya dresses, here are few options, but you can also take a look at other options from the collection here - dresses



shaylas dubai thowby

Shaylas are beautiful head scarves that complete the look for modest fashion enthusiasts. A shayla is a perfect gift independently and also as a combination accessory. Shaylas at thowby are both comfortable and perfect fabric type to style. Here are some options and you can also check out other colors from the collection here - shaylas


Face Masks

face mask dubai thowby

Face masks have now become a fashion accessory and thowby has a wide variety to match the outfits. Face masks as a gift are very thoughtful and would make a perfect combination to the gift set. You can check the mask collection here - face masks


Please note: The above products are shown as a full abaya set with matching under abaya dress, shaylas, and face masks for representation. You can mis match and get any combination by exploring our collections. 



kaftans dubai thowby

If you think they will love a statement piece of modest fashion wear, thowby kaftan collection is the best in Dubai. This collection is a thoughtful gift and will compliment the fashion sense of your loved one. Here are some from the collection, you can browse for more here - kaftan collection


Smart Travel Wear

smart wear dubai thowby

This is a versatile gift category as it caters to both modest fashion enthusiasts and modern style lovers. The collection is smart, elegant, stylish, and definitely a feather in the cap for enviable wardrobes. If you think your loved one has a similar fashion sense, here are some options and for the full collection, click here - travel wear collection

This is the thowby gift guide for your loved ones. Find your perfect gift here and do share your happy stories, feedback, and comments with thowby. Happy gifting!

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